jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Power of Light

This is a remake of one of my Original Characters, Kairi Darklight.

I have been waiting for the day I could make her look better, and there she is. With a new outfit, and with a better piece of art. 

Tried out making it more dynamic, and I'm pretty satisfied with the final result.

She is a White Magician. Used to spend most of the time at the church, training, or at the graveyard outside, relaxing.

Kairi has an strange illness, she's allergic at light. But she's a white magician, so everytime she is using her power/magic she is getting hurt. That's why she's allways covered by bandages. And that illness is also the reason why her eyes are covered too. The eyes are affected more by the light on a normal people, then guess for a person who has that illness. Most of the time when she's outside, her eyes are bleeding. But She's not blind, she can actually see a bit, even with that eyes bandage.

She's relaxed, calm, and most of the time that she talks, it's serious. She doesn't use to make jokes, or something like that kind. Kairi looks most of the time tired, and she's lazy as hell.

Feel what you can't see with your eyes. If you look, you may get hurt.

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